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SOAR Essence Package

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Are you ready to awaken to your inner self and your wealth consciousness?

Are you ready to step into being your GREATEST version of YOU?

Do you desire abundance in your life?

Then the Soar Package is right for You!

Hear what Sheri Mortko of www.livelikeyoumeanit.com has to say:

"What I love about the Vi Miere essences and especially the Show Me is how often it calls to me "let me help you". I spray it and pretty quickly I hear something or a tight spot my client is in eases. This essence is not only helping me, its expanding and benefiting my clients as well. In a practical way it provides a way for me to stop and focus. The idea of spraying the bottle is a practical prayer - Show me what is next. Bless me and bring me further forward to where I'm supposed to be heading in my practical world. I use your essences for myself and my dogs on a daily basis. They are a part of who we are and how we are now. Thank you so very much!"

Soar Essence Package

The Soar package will enable you to shift out of limiting patterns. Awaken to happiness, wealth and abundance in your everyday life. You have tools like the Vi Miere essence mists to help you step into claiming and living your fullest life!


Awaken is the perfect pick-me-up any time of day. It provides clarity, freshness and upliftment. Awaken works on many levels, opening you to your true self and assists in unleashing your passion for life. It awakens you to your wealth consciousness and all that is available to you.

Show Me!

Show Me! helps step into claiming your GREATEST version of YOU! With Universe support in showing you what is your next best step to take for your highest purpose.


Abundance helps you manifest what you want more of i.e. friends, play, sunny days, romance, money, business and more.

The essences are unscented, so can easily be used anywhere.

When ordering, you will automatically benefit with Vi Miere's ezine.

We look forward to serving you on your journey and hearing how your Soar essences benefit you!

Add Soar Essence package to cart $70 Add to Cart
  1. * includes crystal

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