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Essence Packages For Animals

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Vi Miere mists are made from a combination of mineral, crystal, gems, flower and nature essences. Vi Miere mists are created for both people and animals. They help both find better balance, pain relief, and inner peace. Some people enjoy using the mists to enhance their spiritual practice. View questionnaire for assistance selecting your animal and yourself mists.

Personal customized mists can be made to order. Click here to schedule your complimentary meeting with Vicki to find out the best fit for Vi Miere services and products in supporting your animals optimal health and well-being.

The essences work great individually. I find they like to work in group of three(3)s to provide even more healing. The following are some packages (sets) of 3 that work well together.

For more options, create your own set of 3 from the individual list of essences.

Animal Holiday - A great support set for animals for the holidays and year round.

Serene, Family, Boundaries.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Moving with Ease

Arthritis Ease, Muscle Ease, Pain Ease

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

One Earth - Promotes harmonious connection with the Divine, yourself, Heaven and Earth and all beings.

Alignment, Communicate, Environmental Oneness.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Physical Tune-Up - Working out the kinks to improve oneself.

Cellular Tonification, Motivation, Wholeness.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart