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Healing Vibrations to You and Your Animals!

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Welcome to March. It's the first month of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It is when animals start waking up from hibernation.

Fun fact: March 23rd is National Puppy Day; Cuddle Kitten Day.

With Spring approaching, your dog and you will probably be outdoors more. Your cat may be more active and have more energy. 

With more activity and movement, it's good to keep your pet's muscles in good shape. They get aches and pains just like we do when we start having more activity.

Client Story:
Meet Zeba. Her guardian brought her to see me Saturday at Harmony Wellness Center for massage to help calm her anxiety. As I started massaging her, Zeba was starting to respond. Her eyes were softening, she was settling down after her car ride and being in a new place. When I reached a certain point on her mid back, she would get restless, get up and walk around. This happened a few times on the same spot and only that spot. Bingo, it narrowed down what was causing some of her anxious, unsettled behavior. By the end of her session, Zeba was lying peacefully on the dog bed even when I touched the area where she was previously sensitive to being touched. 

This brought tears to Zeba's guardian as she was very happy to see Zeba relaxed and feeling better. 

You can have this too. I love empowering you, your pet's guardian, helping your pet feel their best, so today's exercise is the first step in pet massage. And I'm giving you ways to get more support if that is your desire.

Exercise for the Week:

Pet Massage Exercise

Effleurage is a massage stroke that warms up the muscles and tissues in your pet. When doing effleurage, gently rub with light pressure (the weight of a nickel) where your hand is softly engaging your cat’s or dog’s body.

Using both hands, start at the head, and rub down the head, one
hand going to each shoulder and going down the outside of the
front leg, down to the paws, going up the inside of the front leg,
and coming up to the shoulders. Staying a little off to each side of
the spine, rub your hands down the back on the side of the body
to the hips. Now take your hands and rub them down the outside
of the hind legs, to the paws and up the inside of their hind legs
back to the hip and off the hind end to the tail, gently rubbing the
tail to its tip and removing your hands.

Do this before going on walks and after walks or while your pet and you are sitting together.

Notice how your pet responds to the effleurage. If they get unsettled, squirmy or wiggly when you touch the same area, that is a sign there is some discomfort that may need professional attention.

Interested in learning more?

This is an excerpt from my 2nd book: Heart to Heart: How you can heal your animal through all stages of life. For your copy to learn more, click here.

Sign up for the upcoming Pet Massage Class Series where you and your pet will have bonding time while learning professional massage strokes for keeping your pet moving with ease and aging gracefully.
Celebrating Pet Chakra Book is Now Available!
Heidi happy to receive her new autographed book

Here's what Jodie Hopkins of Westminster, Colorado has to say about it:

"Vicki Draper's books have been a tremendous help in forming and growing the relationship between my rescue dog, Lucy, and me.

As a dog parent new to chakras, I wanted the best for my little friend. This book gave us both the opportunity to ground ourselves, bond, and work through the balancing act of living our best lives. Vicki explains the background terms, and porcess of working on clearing your chakras and your pet's chakras in a way that is clear, simple, and insightful. It opened up a whole new world of wellness for us.

It would have never occurred to me that pets had chakras to clear too, but now it's something we do on a regular basis, and it has made a huge difference in both of our lives."

If you desire this too, click: Healthy, Free, and Harmonious Book

Learning Opportunities
Photo: Beagle, Gracie, receiving massage

Pet Massage Class Series (zoom)

As a loving pet parent, this 3-part class gives your professional instruction on how to safely and effectively massage your pet for optimum health, wellness and mobility.

Class 1: Basic Pet Massage
Learn basic strokes of massage to do with your pet. Take home a 10-minute maintenance massage routine for optimal health and movement.

Class 2: Intermediate Pet Massage
Learn more strokes of massage to do with your pet. Integrate and add to your maintenance massage routine taking home a 20- minute maintenance massage routine for optimal health and movement.

Class 3: Advance Pet Massage
Learn proper techniques for stretches with your pet to support them moving and being their best selves and aging gracefully.

When: Tuesdays 3/21, 3/28, 4/4 4:00-5:30pm Pacific
(click to find your time zone)

Where: Zoom - in the comfort of your home for you and your pets

Cost: $299 for series

Sign up now: Pet Massage Class Registration

More Exciting News
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In person healing sessions are available some Saturdays at:
Harmony Animal Wellness Center
505 W Main Street
Monroe, WA 98272

Get in touch today to schedule your session: 

For your convenience, Zoom sessions are also still available.

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Private Sessions Available
If you have concerns or issues with your pet(s), I invite you to have a 15-20 minute complimentary conversation I like to call Assessment. 

Simply click this link,  Healing Your Animal Assessment
select Assessment, choose time and date that works with your schedule and we will connect. Together we will form a plan of support and get you scheduled to get your pet back to feeling their best.

Dedicated to you and your animal's healing,
Vicki Draper,
Certified Healer and Animal Communicator

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I hope you liked learning effleurage for your pet.


If you are ready to have your animal move and feel their best through the winter, I invite you to get in touch with me for your free 15-20 minute Assessment connection call as my gift to you. Together we'll formulate a plan to get massage support for your animal(s) whether virtual massage or in-person massage and have them moving with flexibility and ease.

Click Healing Your Animal Assessment fill in your name, email, phone number and select the time convenient for you on the calendar.