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Healing Vibrations to You and Your Animals!

Photo of Spirit and Vicki Heart to Heart by Marika Moffit
We are in February, and I'm celebrate it as the month of love. The photo with Spirit on my chest (my heart chakra) connecting with his heart chakra is a precious experience. I am blessed with many special moments as he likes to do it regularly.

A student in the More Animal Communication Popup last Saturday has 2 cats that like to chew on cords. She shifted from saying "don't chew on the cord" to "look at the cord with mouth closed". I heard today that her cats haven't chewed on the cords since the reframe.

That inspired this week's exercise for you.
Exercise for the Week:
Say No to No

My invitation to you is to notice how many times you say no to your pet this week and take pause to reframe.

The first part of changing a pattern is awareness. The pattern to shift is saying no and don't to your pet. 

The second part is then taking action. Shift to saying the action you would like them to do.

For example:
  • No bark shift to Quiet watch
  • No bite shift to gentle mouth or redirect them to a toy to chew on and say good bite on toy.
  • Don't jump on the couch to all 4 paws stay on the floor or go to your bed, lie on the rug (or where you'd like them to be).
I'd love to hear your experiences, email: info@healingyouranimal.com

And if you'd like to learn more, I invite you to join me in my upcoming Animal Communication 101 7-class series on Zoom.

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Learning Opportunities
Animal Communication 101 Class

Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking? 

Have you heard yourself say, I wish I could talk to my cat/dog? 

You can!

Dive deeper, in this 7-week class series you will learn:
  • How animals communicate.
  • Your predominant way to communicate with animals.
  • Strengthen your intuition to understand what animals are telling you.
  • Practice with multiple Reiki Master animals ready to communicate with you and help you learn.
  • What your pet is thinking about your most burning question to him/her.
  • Enjoy class with others as you learn together.
An added benefit is you and your pet will have a bonding experience.

When: Tuesdays February 27th - March 9th
6:00-7:00pm Pacific
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Where: Zoom - in the comfort of your home for you and your pet(s)

Pre-requisites: None

Cost: $425 (includes class recording)

Class size is limited so you receive personal guidance!

There are 2 spots open.

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Animal Communication 101 7-Class Series

More Exciting News
Vicki working with Bella at Whole Cat and Kaboodle
Now Available:

In person healing sessions for cats and dogs are available the 3rd Saturday of the month at:
The Whole Cat and Kaboodle
200 Kirkland Avenue Suite 202
Kirkland, WA 98033

Get in touch today to schedule your session: 

For your convenience, Zoom sessions are also still available.

Cat client Josh stretching out on couch during his Zoom session
(with reflection of me taking the photo in the background :-) )
Private Sessions Available
If you have concerns or issues with your pet(s), I invite you to have a 20-minute complimentary conversation I like to call Assessment. 

Simply click this link,  Healing Your Animal Assessment
Choose time and date that works with your schedule, and we will connect. Together we will form a plan of support and get you scheduled to get your pet back to feeling their best.

Dedicated to you and your animal's healing,
Vicki Draper,
Certified Healer and Animal Communicator

Healing Your Animal/Vi Miere
Exclusive Essence Collections for You and Your Animals

www.HealingYourAnimal.com      425-785-4232

I hope you enjoyed learning to say no to no. And seeing how this shifts your relationship with your pet.


If you are ready to have your animal move and feel their best through the winter, I invite you to get in touch with me for your free 20-minute Assessment connection call as my gift to you. Together we'll formulate a plan to get healing support for your animal(s) whether virtual massage or in-person massage and have them moving with flexibility and ease.

Click Healing Your Animal Assessment fill in your name, email, phone number and select the time convenient for you on the calendar.