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Hi Friend,

Healing Vibrations to You and Your Animals! 

I hope your animals and you had a nice Valentine's Day.  

Part of being a good animal guardian is self-care for yourself.  The better you feel, the safer and more confident your animal feels.

I took a trip to the Oregon coast last week to refresh and recharge.  Now I have more to give to Spirit and Sapphire, my precious cats, and to you, my community, and clients.

An opportunity showed up for me to have live radio podcasts with celebrity interviewer, Steve Harper, and I said yes.

My first interview was
Thursday, February 10th,2022 10:00am Pacific/1:00pm Eastern

Here's the link to listen to the replay:

Next to the magnifying glass icon, type in "Vicki Draper"
Vicki Draper Interview with Steve Harper 021022

You may have heard me talk about Chakras recently. There are 7 main Chakra (energy wheels) in your and your animal's body that impact health and behavior.

The root chakra, Chakra 1 is the survival (base) chakra.  It's all about having safety, shelter, stable home, and good food. 

It is also the chakra impacted when an animal is in a shelter, being adopted, going to the vet, moving, and more. 
Beagle, Gracie, enjoying her healing session 
(1st and 2nd Chakras)
Exercise of the Week:
  • First, pause and get present. An easy way to do this is to take a deep breath in and out.
  • Gently place your hand on your cat or dog's low back. Hold it for 30 seconds.  See if your cat or dog starts to settle.
I invite you to share your experiences with me: info@healingyouranimal.com
or FaceBook @healingyouranimal

Learning Opportunities
Pet Chakra Balancing Class 

Starting on March 1st, I will be leading a Pet Chakra Balancing Class for you and your pets.

The calming, healing effect of chakra balancing can greatly improve the quality of life for:
  • Highly sensitive animals who are hyper alert, easily startled or very anxious.
  • Dogs who lunge at people or other dogs and bark incessantly.
  • Cats who aren’t using their litter boxes, peeing or pooping in inappropriate areas of the house.
When your animals are calmer and happier, you will be too. You will experience:
  • Enhanced communication with your animals, understanding what they are so desperately trying to tell you.
  • Your mood shifting from worry and stress to calm and ease.
  • Better sleep and more energy.  
This is a 8-part class conducted on Zoom. That means that you can easily participate from anywhere in the world!  

When: 6:30pm - 7:30pm Pacific Time
March 1, March 8, March 22, April 5, April 12, April 19, April 26, and May 4.

Where: Zoom - In the comfort of your home
Specific details will be provided when you register for the class.

Cost: $400

What you’ll get:

This class is a 2-for-1 value! Both you and your pet will receive the benefits of chakra balancing and deeper connection.

A thorough introduction of the Chakras, how they work and how to tap into them to heal your pets.

  • 8 - one (1) hour classes. All are recorded for your convenience in case you miss a class or want to repeat a class.
  • Supplemental videos and exercises to do at home.
Hurry! The first class starts March 1st. 

Class size is limited. The class is intentionally kept small to assure that all participants receive a personalized experience.

Get more detailed information and sign up here.

The healing energy that serves my private clients nationally and internationally is here to support both you and your pets in this class. In a group setting, the healing energies of all participants work together for an even greater impact.

Get enrolled right away - to join in this class simply click the link below to sign up:

(If it is easier, we can connect for a call, answer any questions and sign you up. I invite you to call: 425-785-4232) 

Private Sessions Available
Bouvier, IC, receiving her healing session
If your dog is not jumping on the couch or favorite place like used to... If your cat is not willing to jump on the cat stand, windowsills like they used to...  this is a sign discomfort.  I invite you to reach out and let's connect with a conversation before it gets worse. Together we will see what support would best serve you and your pet on the path of healing and moving with ease. 

Click this link: Healing Your Animal Assessment 

And sign up for a time convenient for you to talk within the next 2 weeks.

Dedicated to you and your animal's healing,
Vicki Draper,
Author, Certified Healer and Animal Communicator

Author of "Heart to Heart - How You Can Heal Your Animal Through All Stages of Life"

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I hope you enjoyed the Podcast on Pet Chakras with interviewer Steve Harper.

If you are ready to have your animal move and feel their best through the winter, I invite you to get in touch with me for your free 15-minute connection call as my gift to you. Together we'll formulate a plan to get massage support for your animal(s) whether virtual massage or in-person massage and have them moving with flexibility and ease.

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