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Photo of Pink Hydrangea on My Deck
There was some excitement with the solar eclipse recently. In my area it was gray and cloud-covered, so there was nothing to see. I wouldn't have known it was happening had NASA and the media not told me.  

My mom and sister were in the area that had full coverage and their experience out walking their dog was it got darker, and the streetlights came on.

I can only imagine the people's reactions (probably freaking out) before science could tell us what a solar eclipse is, predict it, and what to expect.

If you have a fun story to share how your pet reacted to during the eclipse, I'd love to hear it: email: info@healingyouranimal.com

I hope you have been enjoying the arrival of Spring.

As I shared in my last newsletter, I have been having fun preparing my deck with beautiful plants and flowers and watching hummingbirds appreciating the flowers. 

Since then, a junco (small, cute bird) has come and has been repurposing a nest that was build last year in my catnip plant. I trimmed back the plant over winter, so the nest was exposed. The junco shredded the previous nest as it was taking off bits of it flying off to build a nest somewhere else.  It was fun watching this happen. (Nature at work).

Nature has inspired this week's exercise for you.
Photo of Bare Feet in Grass
by Anna Guerrero
Exercise for the Week:
Nature as a healer:

There is a popular term going around: Earthing.

“Earthing” means getting in touch with the Earth’s electrons by going barefoot or lying down. It helps transfer antioxidants to your body, reducing inflammation, pain, and stress while enhancing sleep and mood.

Dogs and outdoor cats are naturally benefiting from walking outdoors on the ground. With weather getting warmer, you can join them walking or standing with bare feet on the ground.  

There is another popular term: Mindfulness.

"Mindfulness" means focusing on the present moment, especially in nature, to strengthen your connection with the environment and enhance your mood. It leads to a calm and clear mind.

Combining grounding and mindfulness in nature can be powerful tools for boosting physical and mental well-being.

Learning Opportunities:

For more grounding support and optimum health techniques for you and your pet, here's the link...

for the upcoming class:

Available on Zoom

for my book:

Healthy, Free, and Harmonious: Balancing Your Pet's Chakras.
Available in paperback and kindle.

I'd love to hear your experiences, email: info@healingyouranimal.com
Learning Opportunities
Photo of Black and White Cat in Woman's Arms
 by Arina Krasnikova
Intro to Animal Communication Popup

Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking? 

Have you heard yourself say, I wish I could talk to my cat/dog? 

You can learn!

When: Saturday April 20th 
9:00-10:00am Pacific

Where: Whole Cat and Kaboodle
            200 Kirkland Ave Suite 202
            Kirkland, WA 98033

Pre-requisites: None

Cost: $15 

To Register, Call Whole Cat and Kaboodle: 425-307-1008

Balancing Your Pet's Chakras Class

You may ask, "why do I want to balance my pet's chakras?".

If your pet is:

Nervous Nelly skittish, pacing,

Velcro pet, won't leave your side,

Cowardly Lion hiding and afraid of things

balancing the chakras will help.

As a loving pet parent, this 7-part class gives you in-depth guidance on:

  • what are chakras
  • why you want to know about your pet's chakras
  • your pet's chakras location and details
  • how to assess your pet's chakras if in or out of balance
  • how to balance your pet's chakras
  • understand the relationship of between your and your pet's chakras

When: Tuesdays May 7th - June 25th
           6:00-7:00pm Pacific

Where: Zoom - comfort of your place

Investment: $425

Classes are kept small to insure personal attention.

More Exciting News
Vicki working with Bella at Whole Cat and Kaboodle
Now Available:

In person healing sessions for cats and dogs are available the 3rd Saturday of the month at:
The Whole Cat and Kaboodle
200 Kirkland Avenue Suite 202
Kirkland, WA 98033

Get in touch today to schedule your session: 

For your convenience, Zoom sessions are also still available.

Dog client Nicky during his Zoom session
Private Sessions Available
If you have concerns or issues with your pet(s), I invite you to have a 20-minute complimentary conversation I like to call Assessment. 

Simply click this link,  Healing Your Animal Assessment
Choose time and date that works with your schedule, and we will connect. Together we will form a plan of support and get you scheduled to get your pet back to feeling their best.

Dedicated to you and your animal's healing,
Vicki Draper,
Certified Healer and Animal Communicator

Healing Your Animal/Vi Miere
Exclusive Essence Collections for You and Your Animals

www.HealingYourAnimal.com      425-785-4232

I hope you enjoyed learning about nature helping your pet and you with better health.


If you are ready to have your animal move and feel their best through the winter, I invite you to get in touch with me for your free 20-minute Assessment connection call as my gift to you. Together we'll formulate a plan to get healing support for your animal(s) whether virtual massage or in-person massage and have them moving with flexibility and ease.

Click Healing Your Animal Assessment fill in your name, email, phone number and select the time convenient for you on the calendar.