Healing Your Animal Vicki Draper Animal Massage Kirkland Washington

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Pain Ease

Have you just had a physical illness or surgery?

Have you been in emotional distress?

Have you or your animal been in an abusive relationship?

If Yes, Pain Ease is right for You!

Pain Ease

Encourages healing physically as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Everyone and every animal can benefit from using it. Pain Ease is a subtle yet powerful healing essence that goes to the root of the issue to do the healing.

Uses and Who Benefits

Grief, loss of a loved-one Pain Ease helps ease the intense emotional pain associated with grief and the grieving process.

Athletes, Exercise and Working out, spray Pain Ease after your workout to help your body replenish.

Physical Labor Use Pain Ease to help your body feel better after doing physical labor.

Arthritis sufferers The pain relieving and healing formula works great for arthritis suffers adding more flexibility and movement with ease.

Accident/injuries Pain Ease helps recover from accidents/injuries. It targets the root cause and aids in healing.

Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Animal Massage Practitioners, Groomers Everyone who works with animal patients/clients, spray Pain Ease at beginning of each session and notice animal relaxing, feeling better, having more movement and flexibility. When you work with animals, the animals benefit with Pain Ease when they have arthritis or have an injury. Pain Ease assists people and animals still living dealing with the death of a beloved animal.

Animal Shelters, Fostering, Boarding and Kenneling Facilities Spray Pain Ease in your facility and see the animals feel more relaxed and perkier when their physical and emotional pain is relieved.

Travelers Use Pain Ease before and after going on a long trip. It helps the body feel and move better after a long car or plane ride.

Pain Ease Testimonials!

"I have severe osteoporosis with a lot of broken bones (approximately 20) and pain in my body. I fractured my wrist on January 30th and have been on Demerol for pain relief. I have been off for two weeks using only Tylenol for pain, which didn't work and caused abdominal pain within 1 hour. After using Vicki's Pain Ease and Arthritis Ease Mists, the pain went from a level 10 down to a level 1 within minutes. Your mists really worked!"

- Deborah White, Redmond, Washington

"When I was pregnant, I had a lot of back pain. I was visiting Vicki one evening when she sprayed her Pain Ease on herself. I didn't know what she sprayed; however, I noticed my back pain went away. I promptly asked her what she sprayed and was amazed to find out it was the Pain Ease mist and that it worked so well!"

- Tamara Trepte, Redmond, Washington

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