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"Prana for Pets!"

by Vicki Draper - YourPrana Newsletter August 2012

"Animal Massage, You Must be Kidding"

by Vicki Draper - The New Times March 2003

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Positively Powered

About the Interview

Vicki Draper on Positively Powered with Amy Collette 09/14/16

Bright and Early Seattle

Vicki Draper on Bright & Early Seattle 02/25/16

Martha Norwalk Animal World 2016 New Year Show

Vicki Draper on Martha Norwalk Hour 1 01/03/16

Vicki Draper on Martha Norwalk Hour 2 01/03/16

Vicki Draper on Martha Norwalk Hour 3 01/03/16

Mighty Gems

Heartfelt Animal Connections Show

Vicki Draper - Heartfelt Animal Connections

Mighty Gems

Creative Communications Show

Vicki Draper - Creative Communications

Julie Forbes Dog Talk Radio

Human and Animal Massage Show

Vicki Draper on Dog Talk Radio