Healing Your Animal Vicki Draper Animal Massage Kirkland Washington

This holiday special combines the teaching and healing techniques found in the Bridging True Love Connection & Healing Between You and Your Animals and the healing, clearing and rejuvenating with the Healing Your Animal Clear essence.


Bridging True Love & Healing Between You and Your Animal is a great companion for any animal guardian. The proven healing techniques and information contained in this book are ones that can be used for years proving optimum health, harmony and bonding with your precious pet.

Clear Essence

Clears you and your pet’s energy fields from unwanted energies. Keeps you feeling refreshed.

Clear Essence Message

“I’m here to clear the cobwebs and clean out the attic. I can assist you with a major clean-out project. When the attic is clean, the brain is clear, the body is vibrant and full of energy and you are ready to go and live life. My gift is lightness, levity, freshness and feeling sparkling clean. When you are clear, the light shines through and creates beautiful rainbows of light emanating from you.”

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