Healing Your Animal Vicki Draper Animal Massage Kirkland Washington

Kai Speaks

Kai was an elderly chow/golden retriever mix who received care for quality of life. The day this video was scheduled, the guardian contacted me saying we can still do the video; however, she wasn't sure he was going to live much longer that he had really taken a turn for the worse. After the session, he rebounded and lived 8 more quality months. Kai make it clear he wanted to be an educator for others and I had promised him he could. Kai was the inspiration for the videos and I was able to keep my promise.

Charley's Angels

Charley, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, an avid agility dog was paralyzed and not expected to walk again. With massage, rehab and a lot of prayers, Charley is not only walking, she's running and playing again. Even though her agility career is finished, she's visited the agility events and done some practice jumps.