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Hi, I’m Vicki Draper, Healing Your Animal Expert. During the 24 years of my practice, I have been privileged to play a key part in the remarkable healing of multiple species including, cats, dogs, horses and people.

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I was just 11 years old, when my kitten was diagnosed with distemper and only given a week to live. Rather than accept a tragic diagnosis, I intuitively began visualizing a long, healthy life for him. My precious kitten lived a happy and active life for many more healthy years!

For many years I kept this gift private (while actually living a life of being a computer programmer!) but then in 1999 my soul could no longer take it and I could no longer suppress my gift. I knew animals were meant to be a larger part of my life, but I didn’t know how. Then one day during a hike I found a heart shaped rock – the top was white and the bottom was grey. And I realized I had a choice: which way was my heart going to go? To live of life of sharing my gift: the white light? Or a life of dying a slow death: the grey? I chose the light.

Since that decisive day I have worked with thousands of happy and loyal pet owners and their veterinarians to bring to life similar experiences for people and their pets.

I have come to both understand and know that I have a healing touch that brings anxious animals to a place of calm: fearful animals are empowered to feel safe; rescued animals are enabled to release the old and embrace the new with comfort, injured animals (whether through accident or old age) go from limping and having low energy to walking normally – often with a new spring in their step! I often hear from my clients, “My animal now acts young again.” And many of my clients actually have the opportunity to enjoy many more years with their pets as a result of our work together. Happy clients cry tears of joy when once again they are able to hear the purrs, woofs and pitter-patter of healthy paws.

I have been told I embody a remarkable combination of Sherlock Holmes-inspired investigative skill, Dr. Doolittle-like communication and connection with animals, and Fairy Godmother-like oversight and compassion.

If you are experiencing any type of disease with yourself or animal, then we need to get you started on a path of healing right away.

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