Enjoying each moment with our animals

Our animals are such great teachers and companions.

I am counting each day that I have with my cats a blessing. Tasha is 18 and has kidney failure.  She’s actually had this for 2 years.  I help people deal with the transition of their animals all of the time; yet, it doesn’t make it easy.  When I was working with a distance client last week who is nearing the end of physical life, preparing for the transition, Tasha came in and participated in the session.  She wanted to check out the rainbow bridge and the process of crossing over. I know on some level she’s preparing for her time whenever that is.  The part we don’t know is when.  She may have lots of good life in her yet.  The best we can do for our animals is love them and appreciate each moment we have with them.  Celebrate their life. They like that. They aren’t afraid of death like humans, so they get confused when we’re sad and worried about them.  This is when it’s great to remember all of the good times and focus on how special they are from a loving space. 

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