Preparing Your Pet for the Eclipse

Healing Vibrations to You and Your Animals!

All of the buzz now is on the upcoming eclipse. Are you one of the ones making your way to witness it first-hand in a prime location?

When the planets, sun and moon heighten their energy, the earth and all of its inhabitants are impacted by this energy.

Being one sensitive to energies, recently I have been having a hard time staying grounded and I have heard others commenting on this too. Your animals get affected by these energy changes too.

I can always tell a full moon and planetary shifts with my cats’ behaviors. They are more active and mischievous at this time.

Even barometric pressure changes affects some of our pets more than others.

How do you know if they are being affected?

Some of the ways I have witnessed with my clients and my own animals over the years are:
more restless
getting into more mischief
more easily spooked

the opposite can be true:
being more lethargic
more sluggish
not as interested in things that usually make them happy

We just had a full moon and now going into the eclipse.

Have you noticed your cats and dogs acting a little differently recently?

To help calm your animals, be sure to see the TIP below on how to ground them.

Science is asking for support with animal behaviors during the eclipse see the excerpt from the AJC in Atlanta.

Animal lovers can help with worldwide research. While it’s unlikely that your dog or cat will have a remarkable reaction to the Great American Eclipse, pet lovers might enjoy observing how animals in the wild or even the neighborhood do unusual things. Previous eclipses worldwide have involved reports of night birds singing, bats flying, spiders tearing down webs or owls calling, according to a report in the Southern Illinoisan.
But because total solar eclipses are so infrequent, scientists have little beyond anecdotal evidence of animal behavior, Rebecca Johnson, citizen science research coordinator at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, told the paper.
To remedy the dearth of research, the academy created a “Life Responds” project where citizens all over the world download the iNaturalist app from Apple or Android platforms and document the plant and animal reactions they see during the eclipse.
To join in the fun, download the iNaturalist app, make an account and practice making observations before the eclipse.

For full article How will your pets react to the solar eclipse?:–animals/how-will-your-pets-react-the-solar-eclipse/YaSNIjqnqgkro0vzW7XPsM/

Just because science hasn’t recognized and studied the impact of eclipses and planetary shifts on our pets (they have more research on wild animals as stated in the article above), my 17 years of professional experience with animals, I have witnessed numerous clients’ animals impacted (including my own). Cats and Dogs tend go get more anxious, more unsettled, more mischievous and benefit with grounding.

TIP: How to Ground Your Animal

Take a deep breath in
Let it out
Place your and lightly on top of your pet’s front paw
Hold for 5 seconds and remove your hand
Place your and lightly on top of your pet’s other front paw
Hold for 5 seconds and remove your hand
Place your and lightly on top of your pet’s back paw
Hold for 5 seconds and remove your hand
Place your and lightly on top of your pet’s other back paw
Hold for 5 seconds and remove your hand

I invite you to do this daily for a month and see how much calmer your cat, your dog is benefiting and you having more calm in your life.  I invite you to share your experiences with me or email:

Here’s a video sharing grounding for you, simply click the picture:

My passion is bridging true love connection and healing between you and your animals. So much so, I wrote a book and created a live animal communication class available World-wide called Animal Connection and Healing Group full of practical exercises to assist you.

For more grounding and other powerful tips 2 great options for you…

Book: Bridging True Love Connection & Healing Between You and Your Animal is full of natural, proven, healing techniques for you to learn and use right away to help you and your animals have communication, optimum health, harmony and ease in your lives.

Enjoy the beautiful photos where the cats and dogs agreed to model for you to learn and benefit.

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If you are having a nagging concern, that hasn’t quite formed into a full-blown worried issue, I invite you to reach out and let’s connect with a conversation before it gets to the escalated stage. Together we will see what support would best serve you and your pet and get you on the path of healing.

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So delighted sharing this information with you.  May it serve you and your animals in powerful calming, healing, harmonious ways.

Dedicated to your and your animal’s healing,

Vicki Draper, Healing Your Animal Expert and Author

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