Shifting a dog from pooping all over the house to being calm and sure of himself!

Recently I had the chance to help a dog find his place in the world and greatly improve his sense of self and the owner’s sanity!  The owner was beside herself because her dog had been pooping all over the house, including her bed, the bathtub and an open suitcase.  She had taken the dog to the vet to make sure there wasn’t something physical going on. 

The session was interesting where the dog came in settled down and loved the massage and attention.  As soon as I started asking him questions about the puppy, he got up and went over to the door.  It was clear he did not want to talk about the puppy.  When I said okay, this session is for you and all about you, he came back over and enjoyed the massage.  After he had gotten some attention and gotten used to me since this was our first meeting, he looked at me and related he was confused.  He didn’t understand his world anymore.  The new puppy disrupted the prior flow to the household.  In his mind, he didn’t understand where he fit in.  I assured him he was important and he had a valuable place in the household.  When I would mention the puppy, he again would turn away from me.  When I explained he was the leader and wise teacher to the puppy, he immediately turned around, looked me in the eye with a great confidence, joy, relief and being appreciated.  It was the most settled he had been in the session!  He clearly liked having the role of being a wise teacher!    By the end of the session, he was comfortable with who he was now that the puppy was in the household.  We could freely talk about her.

The Vi Miere essences that were supporting him the greatest were:

Transition for the new addition and change in the household

Protection for preserving his space and helping him, since he is an energy sensitive dog (I have found Protection works great with energy sensitive animals – it helps calm them)

Family for balancing the family dynamics and promoting a harmonious household

This was greatly rewarding to me to clearly make a difference in the quality of this dog, his new puppy mate and the owner’s lives!

If you are having issues with your animal that you would like support with, contact Vicki at!  Distance sessions are available!  No matter where you live, you can receive support!

Joy, Love and Blessings!

Vicki Draper

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