Bringing Home Kittens from the Shelter

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Meet Sapphire and Spirit forming the Yin Yang symbol.  How peaceful!

My daughter and I rescued them at 4 months old.  Doing the techniques I use and teach with their adoption process and integrating them into their new home with us made a big difference. I communicated with them they were coming home with us.  I sprayed the Healing Your Animal Serene and Protection Essence into the empty crate before picking them up and the kittens were so relaxed and actually falling asleep in the car ride home.  They were so comfortable in our space that we got plenty of sleep our first night with them and every night following.  It was like they had always been a part of our household.

They are now 5 months old in this picture symbolizing the balance and peace of their new lives.

Kittens and cats coming from shelters will most likely have a cold. It is a fact.  If the mucus stays clear, then you don’t need to worry.  If the eyes get goopy, or nasal discharge has a color, you will need to see a veterinarian.  In Sapphire’s and Spirit’s case, the sneezing and clear draining has lasted over a couple of weeks, so they are now taking a Lysine supplement with their food to help boost their immune system.  And they are receiving the Healing Your Animal Clear, Iceland Spar and Protection essences.  A core essence set for promoting balance and health.

When researching Lysine supplements, only get pure Lysine.  The gels and supplements that vets and even animal health food stores carry have ingredients to avoid such as artificial sweeteners and soy. Especially in young kittens with a compromised immune system, my goal is to help strengthen their systems.  I was so amazed and disappointed to discover the unhealthy ingredients fact.

NOW brand has a pure lysine supplement for humans and Thorne brand has a lysine with leucine supplement for humans that are made from good companies with good ingredients to give your kittens and cats. (I cleared this with my holistic vet)

It is recommended to start smaller than the recommended dosage mixing the powder into the food and then build up to the recommended dosage.  The reason is the Lysine has a bitter taste and you want your kittens/cats to eat the food with the supplement.

As far as my experience, Sapphire and Spirit seem to readily eat their food with the Lysine, so I am counting my blessings.  And their sneezing and drainage have stopped.

Now they have even more kitten energy to rumble, tumble and get into mischief.

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