From Pablo Bullying, Vincent Cowering to Harmony in Household

Vincent and Pablo did not get along at all when Pablo first came to live with them. Their guardian was in tears wondering if she made a mistake adopting Pablo. After healing sessions, look at them now:


“I was dealing with constant stress because our two cats, Vincent and Pablo weren’t getting along. Pablo was very dominant and aggressive, and Vincent, who’s very shy, would spend the whole day hiding, living in constant isolation and fear. Since I’ve been working with Vicki, the whole mood of our household has changed. Vincent is much more confident than he used to be, and it’s clear that he’s more at ease and happy in the house. Pablo is less of a bully and is starting to use more of his energy for playing and enjoying life vs. negative behavior. I even see the two cats sleeping together and grooming each other occasionally. I feel much more relaxed and productive during the day as I’m not constantly worried about the boys, and I’m confident leaving them alone together when I have to travel.”
Sally McKenzie, Seattle, WA

Dedicated to you and your animal’s healing,

Vicki Draper

Author of Upcoming Book “Bridging True Love Connection & Healing Between You and Your Animals”

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