One lucky kitty…

The Universe has always been clear that I am here to help the animals have happier healthier lives and deepen the bonds of connection with their guardians.

I am so blessed of my gifts in helping the animals and their people connect on new levels.

Here is a client recently where I was blessed in serving a very lucky kitty who got adopted from a local shelter and now has a wonderful home to live the rest of her life with a loving family.


“We brought Neo home on the 12th and Vicki Draper came over on the 13th to give her a session to ease into her new home. Her new name is Mia and she’s 10 years old, a breast cancer survivor and has hyperthyroidism. So Mia needs Vicki’s loving and caring attention as well as her many essences to help support her in her new home and to maintain a healthy life. Vicki obviously came prepared by wearing purple, to match Mia’s bed (how’s that for telecommunication!). You can tell how much healing this girl is getting by Vicki working on her and seeing Mia relax into her arms. Her whiskers have started to grow back (they were missing on one side) and the picture in the chair is 2 days after her treatment. That’s one relaxed, comfortable and happy cat. Cannot thank Vicki enough for her care and attention and it’s so comforting to know that we have so many options when it comes to caring for both our animals and our selves. Thank you Vicki!”

Melinda Slater, Bothell, WA

If you are interested in receiving support for bringing a new animal member into your home for a smooth, harmonious integration, I invite you to  click this link to get in touch with me:

Healing Your Animal Assessment

And we’ll determine a plan for your best support.


Vicki Draper

Healing Your Animal Expert

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