9 year old Rachael Beckwith’s wish helping thousands!

I had just had a great experience with my 9 year old daughter the day before I heard this news.  I touched me deeply since my daughter is 9.
When I went to church Sunday, the service got rearranged for this story of Rachel Beckwith who went to our church.  She had given up her 9th birthday and asked people to donate to Charity Water, an organization that provides clean drinking water to countries that need it.  100% of the proceeds go to the charity.  Rachel didn’t meet her original goal of $300.  She raised $220.  She didn’t let that deter her.  She had committed to giving up her 10th birthday, starting earlier to announce it and was going to raise her goal even higher.  She didn’t get that chance.  She was involved in a car accident last week and didn’t make it.  Our pastor got Charity Water to reopen her campaign so we could help her reach her goal.  As soon as the word got out, people have been donating and it wasn’t long before she met her $300 goal. As more and more people have heard about this story, more and more people are donating. Matt Hassellbeck, the recently former Seattle Seahawks quarterback, attended our church and twittered this news for support.  It has now made national news.  Rachel’s donations are now over $604,000 and keep rising!  This number helps 30,219 people have clean water!  There are 24 days left in this campaign.
If you would like to be a part of a 9 year old’s dream, help people get clean drinking water and be a part of something bigger than we are, visit this link:  http://mycharitywater.org/rachels9thbirthday  
It sure felt great to me to contribute!  It’s amazing the difference one person’s goal can make for so many people! 
Joy, Love & Blessings!
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