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Kathy first came to me when she woke up one morning to find her dog, Samson, paralyzed and unable to walk.  After seeing the vet and having acupuncture done with no visible results, she contacted me.
Samson responded well and actually was able to stand on his own and peed immediately after his session.  Kathy was delighted with Samson able to walk again and he gained full mobility.  She was so impressed with the results with Samson, she continued providing healing support throughout his life.  After he transitioned, Kathy has continued to work with me receiving support for her health and well-being.
She is dealing with life where her mother is aging and has alzheimers.  And she recently had her father-in-law transition.  She has been focusing her sessions on staying grounded through all of this and reporting back that it is working.  She is feeling so much calmer.  She is not reacting to things she would have in the past. And she has more joy even in the midst of life happening.
This week, after facilitating and supporting Kathy with her powerful private healing session, I was still in the aftermath of the healing energy. I took a walk down by the water. This seagull (featured in the photo) flew and stood right in front of me not afraid to get close. He was followed by a pair of mallard ducks and a grackle.  As I stood there, more gulls, more ducks and more grackles showed up.  I was surrounded. They were attracted to the healing energy still emanating from me.
This reminded me of a scene from the movie Evan Almighty.  Have you seen this where the birds all fly to him?  I felt like this.  Evan was afraid of the birds.  In my case, it was beautiful and very serene and surreal to experience.
This is the same energy that is facilitated in my Healing Your Animal Group program coming soon.  To learn more about it, I invite you to click this link:
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Useful Tip for You!

Tasha, my cat who was 18 when I moved into a living space where she had allergies for the first time in her life. She was having nasal congestion and scratching her face a lot.

I learned this tip from my holistic vet.

Tip: When your cat or dog is snuffly and scratching his/her face, use green tea to decrease allergy symptoms.

How to Use This:
Steep green tea for 2 minutes, let it cool and rub it on your animal’s head and face with a cloth.
This significantly decreased Tasha’s sniffling and scratching while I worked on finding out what in the environment was causing her allergies.
The tea lasts for 2 days, then make a fresh batch. This can be rubbed on as often as possible.
Since I work from home, I was able to easily apply it 4 -5 times a day. As her symptoms decreased, I decreased the frequency of applications.
Do what your schedule permits. If you can only do it morning and night, then that’s what you do. A little works better than none at all.
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