Happy Friday the 13th!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.
February is the month of celebrating LOVE.
Here is a picture of the cow and coyote statue in Kirkland decorated for the occasion.
Part of love is taking care of your loved ones.  And sometimes your furry loved ones get an infection and need the support of antibiotics.
If your cats, your dogs have recently been on antibiotics, I invite you to check out this issue’s tip below.

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Client Interest for You!
I have really valued working with Vicki, especially since my cat Ali was attacked by a neighbor’s dog and was not expected to live. Ali’s jaw was broken (the dog had her head in his mouth and shook her violently before I interrupted the attack). After dealing with animal control and requesting spiritual support through prayer, I texted Vicki as I was on the way to the vet. The initial impression from the vet was that Ali would not survive (and they were shocked she didn’t have internal damage when the x-rays came back). Then the vet said that she would probably not be able to feed herself after they watched her for 24 hours and thought they would need to wire her jaw shut and put her on a feeding tube. After 24 hours (she was in shock and being given fluids by the animal hospital), the staff were stunned Ali was able to eat on her own, and they stated she was lapping the food up like a dog! I took her home and had 2 sessions with Vicki where she helped first with the shock and trauma, and then with physical issues that resulted from the incident. Vicki was able to tune in energetically to the physical issues even though I hadn’t specified yet that Ali was compensating in her walking due to muscle injury. 2 weeks after the incident my cat was back to her old self, with a permanently misaligned jaw, but not needing the extensive dental surgeries her surgeon thought she may need. She is an old cat, 15 years, and now she lives indoors, but she is happy and healthy and adjusted beautifully after spending most of her life with the freedom of the outdoors. I am grateful I had Vicki as a resource through this experience, and the vet staff were amazed at the rapid recovery of Ali, especially given her age. Today Ali spends her days sleeping on my lap as I work from home or antagonizing her brother (a 7 year old Bichon). Thank you Vicki!

-April Choulat, Transcend Autism, FL

Useful Tip for You!

Tip: Use probiotics when your cat, your dog is prescribed antibiotics.

There comes a time when your cat, your dog will need to take antibiotics. Antibiotics not only kill the bacteria causing an infection, they kill all the good bacteria that supports your animal’s body in a healthy way.  Adding probiotics help restore the good bacteria back into the body.  This is especially good for their digestion.

How to Use This:  Give your cat, your dog probiotics after they complete their treatment of antibiotics.  Ask your veterinarian about the dose of probiotics when you receive your antibiotics.  You can use human form and use a smaller dose for your animal.
There are 2 theories on using probiotics during the course of using antibiotics.
One is to wait until the course of antibiotics is over before starting probiotics.
And the other is to use probiotics during the course of using antibiotics making sure you use them away from each other.  For example if you are giving your cat, your dog antibiotics once a day in the morning, give the probiotic in the evening.  If it is twice a day, give the probiotic halfway between using the antibiotic.
As always when unsure, check it out with your veterinarian.
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