A New Year – New Resolutions for your Animals!

Have you ever considered making resolutions for your animals?

This is a good time to check in and see if it makes sense this year.

You will want to be sure to check out this ezine’s tip below and see if your animal is in the 55% for this resolution to have better health.

If you have any concerns with your cat/your dog’ behavior or health, I invite you to get in touch with me for a Healing Your Animal Assessment, my gift to you.  Click this link:

Healing Your Animal Assessment

Client Interest for You!

Today’s client story is about Zoe.

Zoe is a client who uses traditional veterinary medicine and the complimentary care that I provide to get well rounded healing care.

Animal care as a guardian is 24/7, 365 days a year. So when holiday’s come along, your animal’s health does not take time off for the holidays.

One of the perks my clients receive is care and attention when in crisis even when I am taking time off for the holidays. My support for my clients is because I truly care. And I do not like to have an animal suffering if there is support I can provide.

Zoe had been to the vet and it seemed like she was getting stable. Then she started to not eat again and she is already down to 5 pounds so no time to waste getting her turned around. (if that is what is intended from the Universe) Her digestive system was not balanced.  At the beginning of her session, she was blocked and needed support for her liver, kidneys and large intestines.  Zoe took to her session and responded really well.  By the end of her session, the blocks were open and moving, her energy was flowing and balanced and she was energetically purring.

Such a sweetie and she started eating a little.
It is up to the Universe when it is her time. I do know for certain that she was feeling better after her session.
Useful Tip for You!

According to a National Pet Obesity Study in 2012, 55% of animals are overweight.

52.5% of US Dogs Overweight or Obese or approximately 36.7 million

58.3% of US Cats Overweight or Obese or approximately 43.2 million

This equals approximately 80 million U.S. dogs and cats at increased risk for weight-related disorders such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension and many cancers.
It is also setting up more and more dogs and cats for joint problems during their lives. This results in hundreds of millions of dollars in medical bills and countless surgical procedures for weight-related conditions.

How To Use This:

Feed your pet less and exercise them more.  Keep your animals healthy with regular veterinarian check-ups and sessions with energy clearing and balancing for preventative and strengthening natural body rhythms for optimum health with your animals.

Pick up the dog leash and go for a walk. Instead of snacking on sugary treats, share crunchy vegetables with your dog. Eat more whole foods instead of highly processed fast food.
For your cat, pick up the pole with a string attached to a toy, throw it and wiggle it around and watch your cat jump and pounce for joy.
Also it is more serious for a cat to get overweight.  Cats do not have a normal mechanism to lose weight.  The cats in the wild never get overweight.  This means, there is danger when getting your cat to lose weight.  It must be done slowly to prevent your cat going into renal failure.
It is easier to keep them healthy and normal weight; however, if you find yourself with an overweight cat, you can healthily support them getting to a normal weight again.  Do it safely.  I know it is possible because I have done it.
The healthier you and your animal are, the better you feel.  The better you feel, the more likely you are to exercise, play and do activities that keep your animal having normal weight.
How to take this further…

If you are a person who is interested in making sure your cat, dog and horse are happy, content and healthy and you are ready to do all you can as a responsible, loving pet guardian for them, it is never too late to begin. I invite you to get in touch with me for a private conversation I like to call Healing Your Animal Assessment as my gift to you.

We will explore and assess how we can make sure you are giving your best care with cats and dogs.

I invite you to reach out and click this link below

Healing Your Animal Assessment

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