Tips for Healthier and Happier Pets!

 We Are What We Eat?

Over the weekend, I had company over.  It was motivation to have spring cleaning in the fall.  We had fun playing pictionary.  It was the daughters on one team and the Mom and Bonus Mom on the other team.  The Bonus Mom and I won with a good game played by all.

We had kale chips and roasted brussel sprouts for snack.  It is not everyday I find people who love these healthy snacks.   And I shared how the animals have been a huge teacher to me on the importance of eating healthy food.  Having seen animals shift to a healthier diet and their bodies get stronger, their muscles more supple and they are able to have better mobility with ease of walking and in a very short time, it sure made an impact.  And showed how healthy food would have the same great benefits for people.
For a healthy animal food tip you can easily do, you will want to check out this issue’s tip below.
And if you know this is something important you want to take further, please get in touch with me.
Featured Essence
The Expansion essence is designed to help support you and your animals in claiming and managing your space no matter what is going on around you and your animals.
Supporting you and your animals with having more energy, being calmer and clearer.
Indications your animals would benefit:
  • having family, friends or a party over the holidays
  • will hide when company comes over
  • aloof wanting alone time
  • spooks easily
  • doesn’t want a lot of pets from you or anyone
  • may even bite/nip if petted too long (for him/her)
Indications you would benefit:
  • work in a cubicle
  • going shopping on Black Friday
  • holiday shopping during December
  • having family, friends or a party over the holidays
  • feel cramped in crowds
  • travel on airplane
The Expansion is something you and your animals can benefit together.

With the essences being in a spray/mist application, when you spray once both you and your animals benefit at the same time with the same spray. You benefit with the fact that the essences are easy to use, are unscented and provide support for all of your animals and you at the same time.

You and your animals

  • Have more energy
  • Be more relaxed
  • Have more harmony
  • Feel more comfortable with people in your home
  • Feel more comfortable in crowds
  • Enjoy Black Friday and Holiday Shopping

I invite you to click this link now: Expansion essence

*Scroll down, essences are in alphabetical order.
I am a person who doesn’t like being in crowds anymore.  So I have gotten great results with using the Expansion essence and that is why I am so excited to share it with you.
On Black Friday, I went out with a friend.  I sprayed Expansion before going and wow, was I impressed.  Even at the displays where lots of women were going for items, I had space around me.  I was comfortable in the crowd just not “squished in” the crowd.  I loved it!
And for those of you who have been to Disney World during Christmas break, you know how packed it is.  So before entering, I sprayed my Expansion (and had it in my purse on ready) and went in.  The Cinderella castle was a highlight and people were gathering.  As we were in our spot, there was a lady trying to get through when there was no where to go.  People were everywhere and all of the spots were taken in front.  She tried to get around, was huffing at the experience.  I brought out my Expansion essence, quietly sprayed it, and she went on about her business versus breathing down my neck.  I was so happy, comfortable and had a very pleasant experience at the Cinderella castle and the rest of the day.
So if this sounds like you and you are ready to change your holiday experience,…
I invite you to receive your support with Expansion by clicking this link:
*Scroll down, essences are in alphabetical order.
The Healing Your Animal essences are unscented, portable and easy to use.  You can use them virtually everywhere.
Upcoming Classes
TheHealing Your Animal Communication Program is exclusively designed for a select group of animal loving people who come together 7 weeks to learn:

  • grounding, clearing and protecting techniques for you and your animals,
  • you get on the same channel of communication with your animals,
  • you strengthen your intuition and communicate with other animals for lots of practice.
  • As a bonus, you receive insights, practical and energetic steps, to create a new awareness of how you relate with your animal.

We start on December 1st, to support your animals through the holiday season. Just because you are busy during the holiday season, your animals and their health needs are still there. They don’t stop. Your animals and their needs are a daily occurrence. And because you are extra busy during the holidays, it is even more reason to provide extra support for your loving animals. You and your animals will have a calmer and more harmonious holiday season.

I invite you to reserve your spot – Click to send an email to put “Yes, I am interested” in the subject line.

Time Sensitive >>>I invite you to get in on the 35% early early bird saving with sending your email now while it is fresh on your mind (this special offer goes away Tuesday 11/11/14). Your email today guarantees you the 35% early early bird savings.

We will set up a time convenient for you to talk in the next week to give you all of the details, answer any questions and explore if this class is good fit for you. It is that easy.

Client Interest for You
A client brought her German Shephard, Maggie, to me who was in crisis. Maggie was not feeling well and had seized up muscularly making it hard to move and walk. Her guardian was scared. This is her heart dog (very special bond and connection), and I could sense the “what am I going to do if she doesn’t turn around and pull through this” in her.

 As a healer, I work closely with Source, my guides and the animal’s guides, so we set our intention for the session and began. I hold space for the highest healing (which means whatever the outcome is best for the animal and the person). I believe in miracles, anything is possible, so I hold this space with no attachments to the outcome in the session.
By the end of the session, Maggie was feeling much better, her muscles had loosened up, she was relaxed, much stronger and able to move freely again. I got a thank you call from her guardian the next day saying how well Maggie was doing and how grateful she was for the session.
 I am so honored to make a difference in the quality of lives for not only the animals, the people who care for them too.
Useful Tip for You
Tip: With it being colder, you may notice your dogs having more trouble getting up from sleep, or more sluggish and stiffer walking.  You can support your dog’s joints naturally.

How to use this:

You can feed your dog raw frozen chicken thighs to increase natural glucosamine into your dog’s diet to support and encourage healthy joints.

The chondroitin and glucosamine in chicken thighs will support your dog naturally and help your dog’s joints.

This tip is only the tip of the iceberg for steps you can take to support your animals living their best.

If you are a person who is interested in making sure your cat and dog are living their best. They are calm, happy, content and healthy and you are doing all you can as a responsible, loving pet owner for them, it is never too late to begin.

I invite you to click this link to have a conversation with me as my gift to you:

Healing Your Animal Assessment

We will discuss your issues and concerns with your loving animals.  And find your next best steps for support for your animal to be healthy and living as pain free, more mobility and with quality of life with you.
I look forward to connecting and talking with you.
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